Potential New Client Wants a Discount…. Should I?

Today’s scenario involves a client hoping for a last minute newborn session, which the photographer happens to be able to accommodate on less than a day’s notice. BUT…. the client then wants More »

The Model Call – A “Bait and Switch” Tactic?

A lot of questions about model calls have been coming my way, asking what they are, what you give the models, and how you handle the process… while these have been geared More »

How Do I Set My Prices?

“How do I price my prints?” and “How do I price digital files?” are two big questions from anyone new to the photography business. Let me tell you the wrong way: For More »

Client Keeps Forgetting to Pay

Here’s a situation involving payment plans: the client buys a ‘package’ of sessions but can break the payment out into two parts to make it more affordable. Package sessions are great for More »

Affordable Photography and Being Too Busy

Today’s post is a long one, but it’s an issue most photographers that are successful (or are becoming successful) struggle with at one time or another. As artists, we tend to under More »


‘Cause “Everyone Else” is Doing It

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I’m really struggling to get clients. Everyone in my area includes the digital downloads. EVERYONE. I don’t want to do it, but I feel like if I don’t I’ll lose business to those that do. I also feel like I have to decrease my prices so that I am competitive with those who give digital since I don’t. Help!

~Needs business but has standards

What Comes First? The Client’s Photos or your Family?

It’s tough being a small business owner. It’s really tough when you’re a business of one.  And sometimes life throws something big at you and there’s no one else on the staff of “me, myself, and I” to cover for you while you manage it.  Like this situation, sent in by a photographer who’s just learned that her beloved grandmother has died, sometimes the business side of our lives gets derailed by the personal. And then we have to decide what’s more important.  Read on…

Haircut Philosophy and Photography

I had my hair cut and dyed this past week at a salon in the local mall. It cost me $200, after tip. And I feel great, both in how I look and about what I paid. I have zero regrets about what I spent.

To understand why this is blog worthy or photography relevant, you need to know a few things about me first.

Newborn Baby Safety 101

You know those beautiful images of newborns sleeping peacefully on special props? Or hanging from a tree in a hammock? Or in a carriage? Or propped up on their hands all strong and supported?

They’re not ‘real’ – they’re the product of digital magic. Want to learn how they do it? Read on!

What’s Micahel Kor’s Perfume Have to Do With Photography?

I posted to a Photography Facebook group last night the following comment along with the graphic shown above and woke up to over 300 likes on the story and a bunch of comments saying how much the photographer needed to hear that story right in that moment. So I’m now showing it here, because it really belongs here too 🙂