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The Art of the Composite

Dear Stefanie Shutters, 

I have a client coming in with children ages newborn, 2 and 4.  The older children are, frankly, little terrors.  I’m worried about doing the sibling shots because they could hurt the baby.   What can I do to capture the children together, but safely?


Free Sessions Galore!

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

A friend of mine is pregnant and I offered to gift her a maternity and a newborn session because she’s been talking about how she wants photos but can’t afford them… so I told her I’d do it as her baby shower gift if she signs a model release so I can use the images in my portfolio.  She agreed but we haven’t had the session yet.

Then I saw that she’s had maternity images done with another photographer and it was obviously paid for!  She basically begged me to do her photos for free and then turned around and spent money with someone else! Now I don’t want to do the photos for her anymore.  I feel undervalued and that she has taken advantage of our friendship.  I’m not okay with what she did and am trying to find a way to nicely tell her that I no longer plan to do her photos for free.

When we last talked, she claims that the other photos were a gift, but I’m still mad even if this is true!  She’d already agreed to do the photos with me.  Am I overreacting?

~Feeling Unfriended

How Long Do I Hold the Date?

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

Last November, I was contacted for a wedding inquiry from the grandma of a good friend of the family who had moved out of state.   So I sent her my pricing, and in January the bride contacted me to go over the process.  The wedding is in July. I told her that I require half the package amount upfront with the signed contract.  Since they’re a friend of the family, I blocked out the day and the travel time needed. 

Now it’s July and the wedding is in less than a week away and I haven’t heard a thing! 

Cultural Sensitivity and our Responsibilities as Photographers

Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I originally wrote this post for members of the TAoPaN Facebook group back in December 2016 after a photographer posted an image of a young child in a Native American style headdress and a debate over the appropriateness of the image insued.  Some people found the image to be incredibly offensive, others saw nothing wrong with it. I wanted to share it here in an effort to further the reach of the discussion, and initiate an opportunity for self reflection 

Photographed an Event… But NONE of the images turned out!

Dear Stefanie Shutters

How do you respond to a client who isn’t happy with the pictures and then asks to buy your SD card to get all the pictures from the event?  I don’t really want to do that, but I’m not sure what to say.  The event was a family party and we did formal pictures outside and then I went in and took some pictures during the party itself. The outside ones were fine but the inside ones were dark and blurry. I gave her the best of what I was able to capture but I didn’t have enough light to get anything good. I’m a beginner and I just need some advice!

~Tried My Best