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Working Weekends

Dear Stefanie Shutters

I”m currently working six days a week at my photography business and my schedule is insane. Money is coming in… but I feel like I’m missing out as a mom!  I miss weekend activities with my son because I’m afraid if I don’t offer weekend sessions I”ll loose all my clients.  Can I run a successful business without working weekends?   I”ve got to get this figured out before I burn out! 

~Overworked and feeling guilty

Good Customer Service or Too Accommodating?

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I was contacted by the mother of one of my child’s classmates for a last minute session. She called me at 8pm for a session the next morning… but since I was available I agreed to set it up. We discussed the pricing and what was included on the phone, and while I normally take payment in advance agreed that she could pay me at the session since it was such a short notice booking. 

We had the shoot, but at the end of the shoot she said she didn’t have the money to pay me and handed me $10 ‘as a deposit’ towards the rest!  I was floored. She’d agreed to the pricing just hours before. I was even giving her a HUGE discount! 

She walked out and is now contacting me and refusing to pay at all claiming that she didn’t agree to that date or the price.  I’m livid and have no idea what to do.

~Feeling Abused

A Friend of a Friend = a Discount?

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I gave a discounted maternity and newborn session package set to a good friend’s friend. They loved their maternity session, and I had 39 images to show in their gallery. The maternity session package comes with 15-20 images.  The client chose 23 images and when I told her it was $25 for each additional image above the 20 she freaked out at me and said that they would cancel the newborn session with me unless I send her the extra three for free too.  Her logic was that “it’s not too expensive to just send them the extras” and they shouldn’t have to pay because they’re not printed.

My husband says to just give them what they want. It’s a tiny thing on our end to make them happy and willing to come back for the newborn session. We need the money. What do I do?

~ Floored

Haircut Philosophy and Photography

I had my hair cut and dyed this past week at a salon in the local mall. It cost me $200, after tip. And I feel great, both in how I look and about what I paid. I have zero regrets about what I spent.

To understand why this is blog worthy or photography relevant, you need to know a few things about me first.

What’s Micahel Kor’s Perfume Have to Do With Photography?

I posted to a Photography Facebook group last night the following comment along with the graphic shown above and woke up to over 300 likes on the story and a bunch of comments saying how much the photographer needed to hear that story right in that moment. So I’m now showing it here, because it really belongs here too 🙂