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Cultural Sensitivity and our Responsibilities as Photographers

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I originally wrote this post for members of the TAoPaN Facebook group back in December 2016 after a photographer posted an image of a young child in a Native American style headdress and a debate over the appropriateness of the image insued.  Some people found the image to be incredibly offensive, others saw nothing wrong with it. I wanted to share it here in an effort to further the reach of the discussion, and initiate an opportunity for self reflection 

Photography Hoaxes (and Me)

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I don’t know how many of you have gotten a text or email inquiry for an event asking to “know your availability” and asking if you take credit cards…. but I FINALLY GOT ONE!

Yep, I finally got the Photography Event Client Scam!  I’ve made it as a photographer!

No idea what I’m talking about? Read on….

Photography, Hoaxes, and You

You can’t charge your iPhone by microwaving it.

Disney Cruises isn’t giving away 100 tickets for liking and sharing their Facebook page.

The Nigerian prince doesn’t really have any money. He’s also not a prince. Probably not Nigerian either.

And that baby that’s been blinded by a camera flash…. yeah, also not true.

In fact, Abraham Lincoln once said… “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

Best of 2014

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A very informal and scientifically unsound  survey of professional photographers of all levels was conducted asking “What was the one best purchase you made in 2014 and why?” and the results are in!

Christmas in Germany

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“Ask Stefanie Shutters” just went live this morning, and we already have our first post… all the way from Germany!


Dear Stefanie, just saw your post. I’m from Germany and started this year as professional photographer for newborns and kids. I also photographed my first wedding. Because I get depressed at Christmas since my partner left me on Xmas nearly 3 years ago, I am looking for a nice job at Christmas this year… I would love to “document” the Christmas days of a family in their big, nice home. Do you have any ideas, where to find something like this? Thank you for your time, best wishes.