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The Art of the Composite

Dear Stefanie Shutters, 

I have a client coming in with children ages newborn, 2 and 4.  The older children are, frankly, little terrors.  I’m worried about doing the sibling shots because they could hurt the baby.   What can I do to capture the children together, but safely?


Newborn Baby Safety 101

You know those beautiful images of newborns sleeping peacefully on special props? Or hanging from a tree in a hammock? Or in a carriage? Or propped up on their hands all strong and supported?

They’re not ‘real’ – they’re the product of digital magic. Want to learn how they do it? Read on!

Preemie Twin Session Inquiry

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I just had an inquiry for a twin session (yea!) and the boys were preemies – 6 weeks early! They just came home and are about 5lbs.

Mom was asking about pricing, so I linked her to my web site with my session packages. I have a Newborn Package, a Children Package, and a Family Package listed. Mom just emailed me back that she wants the Children Package, which is cheaper than the Newborn Package. How can I tell her that she needs to spend more money and get the Newborn Package because it will take more time to pose the babies?

-Wants the Twins!

Client Requests and “My Style”

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Simple ‘organic’ newborn photographer is hired by a client who ‘loves her work’ and is excited about the session.  She wants 3 special shots she saw on Pinterest, involving lots of color, silly props, and basically everything that the photographer doesn’t have…. or even show as part of her portfolio.

Wait, why’d you hire me?

And…. do I do the photo with the baby in the neon romper and hair bow that’s bigger than her head… and if so, do I post it on my blog? Do I show it on my Facebook? It’s not my style at all… will I suddenly get a bunch of new clients wanting work that’s totally not my sytle?

If that’s the questions that you’ve been asking lately, this post is for you!

Expired Newborns

Image Copyright Stefanie Carlson -

Here’s a continuous hot topic among the newborn photographer set: “When do Newborns stop being Newborns?”

This is often in the context of the question, “I just received an inquiry for a session for a baby who is already 3 weeks old… they want newborn portraits! Help, can it be done?”  and sometimes there’s additional information like “other photographers have turned them down because the baby is too old”.