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New and Need Clients

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

How can I get clients? I’m a beginner and am looking to book sessions, but it’s hard! I’ve only gotten one paying client so far.

I put my photos on Facebook and Instagram, but what else can I do to share my business?


‘Cause “Everyone Else” is Doing It

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I’m really struggling to get clients. Everyone in my area includes the digital downloads. EVERYONE. I don’t want to do it, but I feel like if I don’t I’ll lose business to those that do. I also feel like I have to decrease my prices so that I am competitive with those who give digital since I don’t. Help!

~Needs business but has standards

Zero Clients and Ready to Quit

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Sometimes it seems you can’t turn around without tripping over another photographer… and when you’re building a new business and you’re realizing how surrounded you are by competition, it can get overwhelming and make you second guess the wisdom of competing not only with the established pros, but all with everyone else just starting out too.   So what should you do?

New in Town – How Do I Get Business?

Free is all well and good, especially when you’re on the receiving end… but there comes a time in every photographer’s life when they’re about to leave ‘pre-pro’ behind and open the business.

How do you get that first client that will pay you?

Vendor Partnerships: The Right Way and the Wrong Way

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A great way to get more business is by networking with other businesses that serve your target market.  The ability to showcase and sell your services as a photographer is an important marketing tool, especially for those without a retail space of their own.