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What Comes First? The Client’s Photos or your Family?

It’s tough being a small business owner. It’s really tough when you’re a business of one.  And sometimes life throws something big at you and there’s no one else on the staff of “me, myself, and I” to cover for you while you manage it.  Like this situation, sent in by a photographer who’s just learned that her beloved grandmother has died, sometimes the business side of our lives gets derailed by the personal. And then we have to decide what’s more important.  Read on…

Home Studios

There’s a lot of you out there that don’t have a retail space, and instead have a home studio. This is for you.

Working for Free… for Family

“Happy Family Jumping High” by photostock Image courtesy of

Today’s Ask is about working for free – ever felt like your family or friends are trying to take advantage of your photography skills? If so, this post is for you.