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‘Cause “Everyone Else” is Doing It

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I’m really struggling to get clients. Everyone in my area includes the digital downloads. EVERYONE. I don’t want to do it, but I feel like if I don’t I’ll lose business to those that do. I also feel like I have to decrease my prices so that I am competitive with those who give digital since I don’t. Help!

~Needs business but has standards

Zero Clients and Ready to Quit

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Sometimes it seems you can’t turn around without tripping over another photographer… and when you’re building a new business and you’re realizing how surrounded you are by competition, it can get overwhelming and make you second guess the wisdom of competing not only with the established pros, but all with everyone else just starting out too.   So what should you do?

10 Signs your Photographer is a Professional

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There’s no “bar exam” for Photography. No “licencing board” or test that has to be passed to qualify to use the phrase “professional photographer” when passing out business cards or taking money or setting up a web site or Facebook page.

ANYONE with a camera of any type can call themselves a professional photographer.

So, what’s the litmus test to know you’ve found a real professional or a fauxtographer?

PSA of the Day: Swiper No Swiping!

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Today’s subject matter is the equivalent of padding one’s resume in the world of photography: showcasing images that don’t belong to the photographer on one’s site/Facebook and by the omission of mentioning that they were taken by someone else, claim them as your own.

This is brought to you by the real life situation of Photographer A being told by locals that Photographer B has used pictures of Photographer A to advertise Photographer B’s mini session coming up… only, Photographer A never sold her the custom created set or gave her permission to use the images in advertising… oh, and the client featured certainly never gave permission to use her child for advertising Photographer B either!

The MWAC Stereotype

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Going to put something “out there” – the phrase MWAC (Mom with a Camera) is not against all moms that happen to own cameras. Nor is it referring to professional photographers who happen to be moms (and thus own cameras) or moms who happen to also be professional photographers.

it is, simply, the shortened form of this:

(don’t know what that means? Read on)