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Giveaways vs Giving It All Away

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I have a client that won a giveaway that I was doing over the summer for a basic session valued at $150. But she wanted to do an extended family session with 10 people which is costs more but I agreed anyway. She wanted a specific look with a barn, but there aren’t any barns near me so I agreed to go to her which is a two hour drive one way. We were originally supposed to shoot at 6pm but she messaged me a few days ago and asked if we could adjust it to 4pm instead. I agreed.

The session is today and it’s raining here and at her place.  I wrote her at nine this morning and suggested we reschedule – the forecast calls for rain all day.   She’s refusing to reschedule.  I have family in the shoot location area and they say it’s storming all day with no signs of letting up.

I do not want to drive 2 hours away just to have to reschedule because it’s still raining or everything is a muddy mess. Do I just suck it up and go or do I insist on rescheduling?

~Regretting I Ever Ran the Contest

New and Need Clients

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

How can I get clients? I’m a beginner and am looking to book sessions, but it’s hard! I’ve only gotten one paying client so far.

I put my photos on Facebook and Instagram, but what else can I do to share my business?


Good Customer Service or Too Accommodating?

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

I was contacted by the mother of one of my child’s classmates for a last minute session. She called me at 8pm for a session the next morning… but since I was available I agreed to set it up. We discussed the pricing and what was included on the phone, and while I normally take payment in advance agreed that she could pay me at the session since it was such a short notice booking. 

We had the shoot, but at the end of the shoot she said she didn’t have the money to pay me and handed me $10 ‘as a deposit’ towards the rest!  I was floored. She’d agreed to the pricing just hours before. I was even giving her a HUGE discount! 

She walked out and is now contacting me and refusing to pay at all claiming that she didn’t agree to that date or the price.  I’m livid and have no idea what to do.

~Feeling Abused

How Long Do I Hold the Date?

Dear Stefanie Shutters,

Last November, I was contacted for a wedding inquiry from the grandma of a good friend of the family who had moved out of state.   So I sent her my pricing, and in January the bride contacted me to go over the process.  The wedding is in July. I told her that I require half the package amount upfront with the signed contract.  Since they’re a friend of the family, I blocked out the day and the travel time needed. 

Now it’s July and the wedding is in less than a week away and I haven’t heard a thing! 

Photographed an Event… But NONE of the images turned out!

Dear Stefanie Shutters

How do you respond to a client who isn’t happy with the pictures and then asks to buy your SD card to get all the pictures from the event?  I don’t really want to do that, but I’m not sure what to say.  The event was a family party and we did formal pictures outside and then I went in and took some pictures during the party itself. The outside ones were fine but the inside ones were dark and blurry. I gave her the best of what I was able to capture but I didn’t have enough light to get anything good. I’m a beginner and I just need some advice!

~Tried My Best